Monday, March 5, 2012


My 11 Facts:
1.  i live in new york
2. I have tons of make up
3.  I love true blood
4.  My favorite color is black 
5.  I love reading love stories 
6. I want to become a vegetarian 
7. I have an older brother
8.  Im an animal lover 
9. I want to visit london so bad 
10. i love being on tumblr 
11.  im 20 years old =]

1. What country would you love to visit or live in?
anywhere! i wanna see the world 

2. If you could get 5 makeup products from any brand for free, what product's would you choose?

mac eyeshadows
too faced bronzer
Chanel foundation
anything makeup forever 

3. If you got the chance to go to the moon, would you?

4. What's your favorite food?

5. Have you ever done anything you wish you didn't do? if so, what?

6. How many kids would you want to have?

7. Summer or Winter?

8. Favorite blog of all time?

9. You have the chance to change one thing in the world, what would you change and why?
no more starving people

10. Could you live without your computer?
i guess but it would be hard loll 

11. What is the most beautiful place you have seen in your life? 
new york city ! im proud to be a new yorker 
11.  What is your favorite type of blog post to read?
make up beauty skin fashion and decorating  

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